Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Small Amounts Of Marijuana Decriminalized In Maryland

Via The Daily Caller:

As of today, the residents of and visitors to my adopted home state will no longer face arrest and criminal charges for possessing marijuana in amounts smaller than 10 grams.  Instead, they will receive a civil citation.  This will present a problem for policemen.  According to the Washington Post:
How will officers determine the weight of the marijuana they discover? What happens if they arrest someone for having more than 10 grams only to discover at the station that it was less? And given that it is still a criminal offense to carry drug paraphernalia - including bongs, pipes and rolling papers - should officers use that charge against suspected drug offenders instead?
The Post also reports that according to Maryland police spokesman Gregory Shipley:
State troopers will use their best judgment in guessing the weight of marijuana, Shipley said, since “the troopers won’t be carrying scales.” If it looks like less than 10 grams, troopers will issue a civil citation. If it looks like more than that, troopers will make an arrest and head to a station for an official weighing. If the trooper guessed wrong, the arrested individual will be released and issued a civil citation.  (emphasis added)
If you want to get stoned in my part of the world, you'd better be careful about how much you use, and hope that any cops you encounter are willing to start with the assumption that it's under 10 grams.

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Rhode Island Child Dies From Enterovirus 68

The outbreak of infection by enterovirus 68, which coincided with the start of the current school year, has claimed its first fatality, a 10-year-old girl in Rhode Island.  From CBS Connecticut:
The Rhode Island Health Department says a child has died from complications of an unusual respiratory virus that has been affecting children across the U.S.
Health officials said Wednesday that the 10-year-old girl died last week of a staph infection associated with the enterovirus 68 infection, which it called “a very rare combination.”
“We are all heartbroken to hear about the death of one of Rhode Island’s children,” Dr. Michael Fine, director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, said in a statement. “Many of us will have EV-D68. Most of us will have very mild symptoms and all but very few will recover quickly and completely. The vast majority of children exposed to EV-D68 recover completely.”
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Virginia AG: Abortion Clinics Don't Have To Report Rapes Of Teens

From Life News:
Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has issued a shocking ruling saying that abortion clinics do not have to report rapes of teenage girls even though Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics have a long history of doing abortions on rape victims without reporting the rapes to authorities.
In an official opinion quietly issued two days before the last Board of Health meeting, the Attorney General determined that the Virginia Health Department, and abortion center staffs, can turn a blind eye to the rape of underage children.
Abortion providers are normally required to report rapes of any female under 18 years of age, but compliance, and as we now see, enforcement of this requirement have sometimes been inconsistent.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Links

Here are some things in the news, as the fiscal year comes to an end:

From CBS Houston, the Oklahoma beheading suspect had been in an altercation over his "not liking white people".

From the National Post, Husain Abdullah was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after scoring a touchdown, for sliding into an Islamic prayer position.

From The Independent, the Aral Sea, once the fourth-largest lake in the world, has been rendered almost completely dry.

From Fox News, the rise of ISIS has become an issue in the Senate race in North Carolina.

From Tech Crunch, Reddit plans to create its own crypto-currency.

From CNET, eBay will spin off PayPal into its own separate company.

From Pantagraph, the foreign minister of the Bahamas tells the UN that his country will crack down on illegal immigration.

From Breitbart California, after California Governor Jerry Brown signed a ban on plastic grocery bags, an effort begins to repeal the ban by referendum in 2016.

From ABC News, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is arrested in Maryland for DUI.

From BarbWire, during a moment of silence before a high school football game, cheerleaders lead the crowd in prayer.

From The Washington Post, a recent White House intruder was tackled by an off-duty Secret Service agent.

From ZDNet, tomorrow Microsoft will present a preview of Windows 10.

From My Fox Chicago, Kurdish leaders claim that their fighters have captured a border crossing with Syria from ISIS.

And from the New York Post, the next Star Trek movie might include a vaguely familiar face.

Monday, September 29, 2014

CT State Representative Charged With Voter Fraud

This one seems to have gotten bounced around from the New Haven Register to Weasel Zippers to American Thinker to Fox News.

The old saying "vote early and often" has been commonly attributed to Chicagoans such as Mayor Richard Dailey, but it seems to have been taken to heart by Connecticut state representative Christina Ayala (D-Bridgeport), who has been charged with 19 voting fraud charges, including 8 charges of fraudulently voting.  According to the above-mentioned Register:
Ayala, 31, is accused of voting in local and state elections in districts she did not live, the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office said in a press release.
The next time someone on the left says that requiring voters to show ID suppresses the vote, please tell them about Christina Ayala.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another Would-Be Beheader In Oklahoma?

From The Oklahoman:
In a bizarre coincidence, a fired Oklahoma City nursing home employee was arrested Friday after a co-worker reported he threatened to cut her head off.
Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, is being held in the Oklahoma County jail on a terrorism complaint. His bail is set at $1 million.
A coincidence, a copycat, or (as I pointed out yesterday) someone answering the call of ISIS?  Back to The Oklahoman:
The co-worker reported Muriithi threatened her while they were both working at the nursing home Sept. 19, a police detective wrote in an arrest warrant affidavit.
The woman was not identified.
She said Muriithi identified himself as a Muslim and said he “represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians,” the detective told a judge in the affidavit. The two had not worked together before.
Muriithi is reported to be a native of Kenya.  Read the full story.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

"Workplace Violence" Again?

Just as with the Fort Hood shooting, the beheading and stabbing at a food processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma is being treated as "workplace violence", which has some terrorism experts befuddled.  While it's true that the incident occurred at the place where the suspect, Alton Nolen, had been fired, he had disparaged non-Muslims and stated "Sharia Law is coming" on Facebook, where he also posted a picture of a beheading.  The attack occurred just a few days after an ISIS leader called for the killing of "disbelievers".  Nolen is in a hospital recovering from gunshot wounds, and will be charged with first degree murder.

Friday, September 26, 2014

UK Couple Thrown Off Bus For Singing Peppa Pig Song

In England, a young couple from Rotherham riding on a bus tried to comfort their crying autistic daughter by singing the theme song from the TV show Peppa Pig, and were kicked off the bus because of a complaint by a Muslim rider.  Apparently, Muslims in Britain have the right, not only to avoid eating pork, as their religion requires, but also to remove from their environment all references to pigs.

Read the story at the Mail Online.

Oklahoma Man Allegedly Beheads Woman

A man in Moore, Oklahoma, who had been recently fired from a food processing plant, allegedly beheaded one woman and stabbed another, before being shot by an Oklahoma County reserve deputy.  He recently converted to Islam and was reportedly trying to likewise convert his co-workers.

Read more at Fox News, CNN, The Washington Times, KOCO and the New York Post.

UPDATE:  From Heavy, five facts you need to know about the suspect.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Belgian City To Build Beer Pipeline

Via Fox News, from The Telegraph:
Tired of delivery trucks rumbling near its mythic canals, Belgium's medieval town of Bruges has approved the construction of a beer pipeline to link a five-century-old brewery to a bottling factory nearby.
The two-mile underground pipeline will link the De Halve Maan brewery in the heart of the "Venice of the North" to an industrial park where the beer will be bottled and shipped to drinkers worldwide, company director Xavier Vanneste said.
Read the full story.

Full disclosure:  I visited Brugge, Belgium in 2005.  The city is a World Heritage Centre and has some restrictions on motor vehicle traffic.  To learn more about Brugge, go here, here, here and here.